After finishing school and working for a couple of years I fell into a “slump”. What am I going to do with my life? How will I make money? Will I be happy? Finding what you really enjoy can be hard for a lot of people, but growing up I always loved blogging and writing. Living with depression causes things to sometimes feel a little harder and life to sometimes move at a different speed, writing always seemed to help. It’s a quicker way of journalling, I can hear my voice as the words stream together, and its an honest place to get things from my head to paper…well screen. I want to share my journey, my difficulties and all the little stuff in between, if one person finds relief or feels less alone I will know i have succeeded.


I find it hard to relate to a lot of blogs out there. The women just don’t seem real, their ability to walk in heels everyday to them eating salmon and steamed asparagus every night I just can’t connect with them, so I figured there must be a lot of women like me out there. Normal, average but incredible women, who want a real place to call their online home. And so ciekaikai was created.

I want to give people a real view on real topics. I’ll be honest, there’s certain subjects that I know more about than others, but I’m willing to put in time to finding real answers for you.

If there’s ever a topic you would like to be featured contact the site and we will see what we can do .

ciekaikai was created as much for me as it was for you .