A Years Worth of Makeup Empties!

I am THE WORST. I’ve had these empties images on my hard drive since November… ya… the worst. It’s time we finally went through these together. I’ve divided these empties into several categories: cosmetics, hair care, body care, and skincare. Today’s article is dedicated to any cosmetics I finished and remembered to set aside.


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Make Up For Ever High Definition Pressed Powder- $49.00 CDN

I love Make Up For Ever powders, they’re so fine they literally feel like silk on your skin. I do find that they can give some flashback, but assuming you buff it into your skin well and don’t bake your entire face you should be ok. While on the topic of ‘baking’ if that is a makeup technique you’re really into I don’t really suggest this powder as it’s pressed and it’ll be a little difficult to maneuver. Repurchase: Yes.

E.L.F High Definition Loose Setting Powder- $6.00 CDN

For 6 bucks this is a pretty decent setting powder. In the mornings when in a rush this is the powder I find myself constantly reaching for. It’s essentially a dupe for the Make Up For Ever HD powder. One thing I really like about this powder is the design, now bear with me as this is difficult to describe. When you take the lid off there’s a piece of plastic with little holes on half of it, this allows the powder to come out. Now on top of that, there’s this little semi-circle piece that spins around so you can cover the holes and swirl your brush on the half-moon and the half without the holes. It’s just a nifty way of not needing to pour the powder onto the lid. This way you waste less product- smart. Repurchase: Maybe.

Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder (loose)- $48.00 CDN

This is my OG setting powder, the tried and true, my love, the one and only. People! This was my first setting powder, not this exact one but this kind. I love how smooth it makes my skin feel, I love the little net beneath the lid that allows you to carefully bounce your brush or blender on it so you gently pick up product and don’t end up with powder overkill. As a young girl who couldn’t do makeup for shit this powder made me feel like a million bucks. My makeup looked set and smooth and my skin looked poreless; I can even remember one woman telling me my skin looked airbrushed which for a pimple-faced teen was the highest of compliments. Repurchase: Most Definitely.


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ONYX Professional Remover 100% Pure Acetone- $4.99 CDN

This nail polish remover is the only nail polish remover you need, assuming you aren’t too concerned with chemicals and the environment, not that I’ve looked into it but the fact that it’s 100 % acetone doesn’t lead me to think this is a very ‘green’ product. With all that said this product will take your polish off like nothing else. Also, can we talk about the size of the bottle that you get for $4.99, thank you Walmart. Repurchase: Yes.

Beauty Blender blendercleanser solid- $22.00 CDN

Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important, it irks me to think that some people don’t. Think about it, it’s just a breeding ground for bacteria, blegh. So yes I clean my brushes at least once a week and sometimes even more if my skin is breaking out. I know we don’t always think of our brushes being the cause for any of that but it’s very possible. Repurchase: No, I use the larger version of this now.


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Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes (Sample Size Black)- $34.00 CDN *Full Size*

While I was only given the small size of this mascara it certainly proved itself, and not long thereafter I had to get the full size. This mascara gives you such buildable length and volume it’s unbelievable. I feel quite confident saying this is one of my top 3 favourite mascaras. If you’re in the market for a new mascara I cannot recommend this one enough, it’s divine. Repurchase: Yes.

Essence Instant Matt Makeup Setting Spray- $5.99 CDN

This product is kind of a meh for me. I used it but I didn’t really notice anything special when I did. I like that it helped my makeup sort of soften into my skin but I didn’t notice much else let alone that it left a matte finish. Repurchase: No.

NYX Sculpt & Highlight Brow Contour- $11.99 CDN

What an easy brow product, for anyone looking for a highlighter and a brow stick this is such an easy duo. The product is creamy and long-lasting and the highlight compliments the brow colour really nicely. I do wish the product was a little less creamy only because if you have oily skin I do see this sliding around quite easily. Repurchase: No, there’s other brow products I prefer.

Ciate London Wonderland Mascara- $30.00 CDN

Remember I said the Charlotte Tilbury mascara was in a top three-tier? This is one of the other mascaras I would put up there with the CT FULL Fat Lashes mascara. This mascara gives a dramatic lash and is very buildable. The brush doesn’t brush through (separating) the lashes as well as the CT one but it doesn’t give a clumpy lash, just a sort of thicker look. Should you decide to add several coats it gives more of a punk rock smoky lash. Repurchase: Yes.

FENTY Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation- $45.00 CDN

I went through a period of time where my skin was constantly flaring up with this really random rosacea. I tried a million things to stop it and I couldn’t, nothing was helping… then came along this foundation. This covered up any and all imperfections, it also wore throughout the day in such a way that I never had to worry about my redness peeking through. Repurchase: Yes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil- $30.00 CDN

This was one of the first Anastasia Beverly Hills products I ever used. From this point forward I was sold, the colour matched nearly perfectly and the consistency was everything. I also like that the consistency of this pencil is quite pigmented but not thick, it’s hard to explain but essentially it’s thin enough to last a long time and opaque enough to not need very much. I know people love ABH Brow Wiz but I think I prefer this one, Brow Wiz just doesn’t give you enough product for the price you pay. Repurchase: Yes, but not something I’m in need of right now.

Ardell Stroke a Brow in Medium Brown- $10.99 CDN

It’s sometimes hard to tell if this product has run out. It needs to be stored upside down otherwise the formula doesn’t run to the tip and so it doesn’t feel as though there’s any product left. When this product works as it should it’s a pretty interesting thing. It’s basically a marker that you use to draw on little fake eyebrow hairs. It comes in several colours and the formula is very long-lasting, it’s also easily brushed out before it dries, in case you’re looking for a softer look. This has become one of my staples, there’s few products like it on the market and it allows you to easily manipulate your brow shape. Repurchase: Already have.

Ardell Brow Building Fiber Gel in Taupe- $12.99 CDN

This little gem was picked up at Winners (one of my favourite stores), it proved to be a hidden jewel. It’s very pigmented and has a medium consistency that nicely coats the lashes and holds them in place but doesn’t do any weird flaking thing after it’s dry. The wand is small, allowing you to control the product and deposit the formula exactly where you want. The tube itself is quite large, and so you definitely get your monies worth. I also like that they had a taupe/blonde option without warm undertones. This shade felt very universal and could be used by those with the lightest hair to even a medium brown if you were looking for a little extra dimension. I’ve been looking for this guy at my local Winners but I’ve had no luck. Repurchase: Yes, assuming I can locate one.


These were my yearly cosmetics empties! Sorry that it took as long as it did to post them, but at least they’re finally up!
Stay tuned for MORE upcoming empties articles, there’s a lot of new products!

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