The Mystery Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics Box: Worth it ?

At Christmas time Charlotte Tilbury puts out a cosmetics box filled with 5 mystery products all packaged beautifully in a cosmetics pouch wrapped in a decadent burgundy box. There’s a limited number of these boxes and this year I was the lucky recipient of one of these boxes.

Let’s take a look at what was to be found in this years box. This post won’t feature reviews, simply a quick look at what could be found inside. This box retails for $250 CDN however, let’s see if financially this box was really worth it.


open boxes
Packaging & Cosmetics Pouch
Cheek To Chic: Swish & Pop in Sex On Fire $50
Goddess Skin Clay Mask $65
Nocturnal Cat Eyes To Hypnotise in Midnight Seduction $30
Holly Wood Countour Wand in Fair Medium $50
Matte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir  $39


There is a good selection of products however, upon adding up the total cost of the products it only totals $239. Unless that cosmetics pouch is worth more than $11 (which is entirely possible) it makes more sense to purchase these products on their own. Purchasing these products on their own gives you the ability to choose the specific colours you desire, mind you the mystery aspect of the box is fun but I’d rather save my money.

In the upcoming week or two, I hope to be slowly making my way through this treasure trove of products. I’ve already got a little video simmering on the back burner waiting to be released.

Can’t wait for you to tune into the reviewing of these products!



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