Evio Pop-up Launch Party & A Fine Dinner

* I will be doing a full brand profile and product review separate of this article*

Tonight I attended a pop-up shop for a Canadian brand by the name Evio, apart from some simple areas worthy of improvement, I enjoyed myself immensely. The pop-up was held down near trendy King St West. The west side where it’s bustling with high-end second-hand stores, hidden gem Pilates studios, and mid-end bohemian brick and mortars. The exterior building was basic but the pop-up it held was not.


The space featured pink walls with industrial vintage decor, and heaps of mirrors with uplifting and empowering mantras. The Instagram “influencers” were plenty, and stood out like a sore thumb. There were the everyday people who wanted to discover amazing new products and there were the Instagrammers whose posing and excessive photographing was cringe-worthy yet calculated and meticulous. (I applaud you and I don’t discount what you do regardless of how you interpret my word choice)


The space was small, or was it just a larger group of people who showed up? You decide. Either way, the flow of the room was extremely confusing and lacked harmony and AC. I didn’t know where to go, I stood there awkwardly enjoying the people watching and chatting with some amazingly kind gentlemen friends of the company owner.

Upon finding an attendant with whom to place my order I awaited my goodie bag. It came quickly and sweetly packaged. I was unsuccessful in terms of connecting with the owner Brandi, however, her kind hellos and genuine excitement at meeting her customers was noted.

Time for Some Food

My friend and I left the pop up in search of snacks and libations, we then happened upon Portland Variety and found ourselves quiet over our tastings of Spicy Cauliflower Florets and Patatas Bravas. Michelle ordered the most interesting drink that came in 2 parts, 1 part spherical frozen rhubarb concoction and the beverage in a separate carafe.


The food, as always, was nothing short of delicious. The ambiance was warm cozy and somehow a perfect version of Parisian Downtown Toronto. If you’ve never been I highly recommend it.

This was my evening in a nutshell. I’ll be going through the 6 products I purchased and writing a full review on each. I look forward to showing you the available colourways and the oh so creamy formulas.

Talk soon,


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