Review: Wildcraft BUFF

Recently on a trip to Toronto I stopped by into DETOX Market, slightly overpriced but a fun place to check out. Whilst there I realized My Tatcha Rice Enzyme scrub had run out and so I wanted to find a slightly less expensive version that gave similar results. So let us see how the Wildcraft Buff scrub did, shall we!?

Product Name: WitchCraft BUFF

Price: $18.00

Size 120 mls/4 oz’s

Texture: Fine sand like texture with some bigger granules

The Promise: “Clean and smooth your skin with this invigorating, mineral-rich exfoliant for the face and body. The healing ingredients gently remove dull skin and dry out blemishes so your natural beauty can shine through. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and polished.”

Results: This scrub is a lot coarser than I thought it would be when I first purchased it. Upon opening the bottle a fresh scent emerges. This scrub is made with rice, which normally I’ve found means a finer texture. After pouring some powder into my hand, adding a couple drops of water I slowly massage it together and mix it into my skin. I like to think that I have tough skin but boy is this scrub tough.

It features some of the following ingredients :

Rice powder*
Apricot kernel shells*
Arrowroot powder
Rhassoul clay*
Chamomile flowers*
Australian pink clay*
Spearmint oil*
Peppermint oil
Everlasting essential oil

Results of this scrub are that it smells great and really does leave the skin quite soft, however I think it would be far too abrasive for most peoples faces. Good for the body though.

Opinion and tips: I REALLY wish this scrub didn’t have the apricot kernel shells as I feel it makes the scrub coarse and a little painful on the face. Skin will tingle slightly after using this scrub; I recommend it for the rest of the body: legs, arms butt and bikini line (just make sure it stays there). Had the company not advertised using this on the face I would’ve given it a 4/5. It’s a great option for the body and especially the legs it leaves them feeling super fresh and super soft. I’ll definitely be using this when getting ready for going out on the town or just treating myself to a little me time.

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  1. Laur
    August 27, 2017 / 1:11 am

    Oooooo goodie thanks for the review! Have been wanting to try this stuff out for awhile.


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