10 Year Anniversary: NBLN, BLM & BIPOC Cosmetics

You guys, 10 years ago I started No Bare Lips November.

I was just a college girl who was trying something different. I was in school for Fashion Design and I was trying to find my style by expressing myself with makeup and the way I dressed.

I didn’t see myself as pretty nor was I confident, but I loved makeup and I wanted to wear it and show it off. I needed an excuse to wear a bright lip; I wanted to do it every day and hold myself accountable so I invented “The Lipstick Challenge”.

Looking back at the awkward photos I took of myself with my new Macbook webcam camera I cringeeeeeeeeeeee.

I’m SO awkward.
Why did I tilt my head that way?
Why did I never see the sun?
Did I really have that much of a baby face !? Woah!

My descriptions were brief and vague. I spoke of my day, what I wore, and some small random thoughts or facts. My sentences were either all terribly short with crappy punctuation, or they ran on to the point of no return-there was no middle ground.

How funny is it to look back at how we used to be, oh boy!

With the re-ignited fight for freedom, justice and liberation currently happening, and with Black Lives Matter being at the centre of that, this year on the 10 year anniversary of NBLN I want to shed light on companies founded and run by members of the BIPOC community.

I was raised in a predominantly white community. I was raised with a deep understanding that regardless of what colour you are, or what religion you practice we’re all people and deserve the same human rights.
*(Basically the shit that everybody should know but for some reason doesn’t)*

“Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.”
-Shirley Chisholm

Regardless of what my beliefs are, the beliefs of others have unknowingly been thrust into my life and my buying habits and I’m consciously doing my best to stop that. I want to introduce you to companies you may never have heard of. I want to explore, I want to support smaller businesses run by marginalized groups and individuals.

I hope this year for NBLN you’ll show your support, broaden your horizons and open yourself up so I can introduce you to some incredible people, companies and products.

I look forward to the month ahead.

With love and an open heart,


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